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【Livelihood】Help each other seeking to recover the community

~Social contribution through a levee restoration work~

This is the report on a social contribution activity by a business owner who is the one the most deadly inflicted victims and currently receiving JEN's support.

The business owner had been thinking of what to start with day after day, since the tsunami swept away all of his assets including his office building and vehicles.

In June when he was almost resolved to restart his business, JEN dispatched a warm many volunteers there. Being inspired by those volunteers, he found out his starting line to restart.


JEN lent a dump truck of four ton burden so that he may be able to earn his living. This gaves him a leg up to restart his previous business. Although he himself has been deadly inflicted, he began to revet levees breached by the tsunami as social activity at his client's premises, a coastal shipbuilding corporation.

You can see an ongoing recovery that local people are overcoming the disaster by helping each other.

JEN, as a catalyst, will continue to provide each of the local people with assistance needed by them. Our program for recovering people's life is taking place in corporation with supporters and Japan Plat Form.

October 1, 2011 in Tohoku earthquake |