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【Livelihood】 Support each other for home town, Kitakami

~Oct.4 Social contribution through removing rubbles~

JEN is lending a truck to an owner of a transportation company in Ishinomaki. So that the owner of the company may be able to make his living. On that day, we went to Kitakami along with him where he was at work using the truck. Kitakami in Ishinomaki city is one of the regions where helping hand has not been reached out for long time after the earthquake and tsunami.

JEN has been supporting people there grapple with wide variety of works toward recovery since July. First, JEN dispatched volunteers. Many volunteers helped oyster and scallop farming. Almost all of them are from other prefectures.


On that day, the owner joined us in working on a social contribution activity using the truck. That took place at Tsuriishi shrine atop stone steps in Jusanhama district, Kitakami town near 'Nilkkori Sun Park'. The devastating tsunami hit the stone steps and washed out its lower part, but today we piled up gravel and restored it. Our program for livelihood is taking place in corporation with supporters and Japan Plat Form.


October 4, 2011 in Tohoku earthquake |