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【Livelihood】 People prop up each other for their home town, Kitakami No.2

~ The tsunami reached up to eleven kilometers away from the mouth of a river.  ~

The transportation company who participated in the first social contribution activity on October 4, took part in the second one at a place near Kawakita police office.


Although that place is located inland far away from the coast, it was inundated with the tsunami. On measuring the distance from there to the nearest mouth of the Kitakami River, we found out that the tsunami ripped through the Kitakami river for about eleven kilometers.


Insofar as I can see on a picture, that place is located in such an inland area that it's difficult to imagine what happened. On looking around, you can notice the trace of fifty centimeters deep tsunami. The tsunami obliterated the ridges of rice fields and so the agency helped piling up gravel on those breached ridges as a social contribution activity.

Our program for recovering people's life is taking place in corporation with supporters and Japan Plat Form.



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