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【Livelihood】 Carrying soil to neighboring Onagawa

On October 23, we helped carry fertile soil to a farm land in Onagawa. A land owner who has a problem with sight offered his land for farming for those who are living in makeshift housing complex nearby.


The land owner owns the housing site and, thanks to his courtesy, it was realized to construct makeshift housing complex and for thirty one families to move in them. The Misato Social Welfare Conference or MSWC talked a farmer into using the farmer's fertile soil. In response, five trucks headed to the farmer's house, which trucks belong to a forwarding agency that is providing JEN transportation service with those trucks.

On their arrival, it looked like an easy job to load the soil onto all those truck all at once using the farmer's power shovel, but muddy road by yesterday's heavy rain prevented it and so only a truck of soil was completed after hours of struggle. In this way along with people from MSWC, the soil was carried to Kojohama in Onagawa next town of Ishinomaki where people were waiting for it.

At Kojohama, two students from Koushida agricultural high school in Oosaki district, a student from Sendai Ikuei Gkuen school and ten local volunteers were waiting for the soil to arrive. They leveled unloaded soil on the farm land; made ridges; sowed seeds. One of the land owner's desires, who is totally blind, born fruit through people's warm assistance. When a staff member of Japan Platform, a JEN's partner, visited Onagawa, the staff got to know that local people were trying to realize a farm land and had troubles. This led to this volunteering activity. Soil and trucks were necessary to develop a farm land and they had difficulty in getting them. So they came to ask JEN for helping hand. JEN Dscn0590_640x480



concluded that, that being the case, JEN should help them. Then JEN immediately called for its forwarding agency to come and help JEN.

This was how the farm land was realized in corporation with many people such as MSWC, JPF, the land owner who offered his rot, people who use it, and JEN. Thank all of you for your corporation.

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