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【Livelihood】 A head office for the emergency response to disaster in Higashihama district disbanded.

JEN has been engaged in supporting people in Higashihama since July. JEN cooperated with people there in carrying in and neatly delivering vegetables, fruits, rice and so forth for all of the families in Higashihama.


This support ended by the end of October. Mr. Toyoshima who was the member of the head office recalled like this, "We should not continue to receive help without limitation, we must make self-reliant efforts toward recovery from now on." His strong remark told us his resolution toward recovery.

"It'll take much more time to recover and rebuild, but we do make desperate efforts.", said a ward head.

On Oct. 14, seven months ago on this day the head office kicked off, its closing ceremony took place.

Higashihama was marooned area from helping hand, because roads to these areas remained shut down due to the disaster. Under such conditions, the head office was organized on March 14. After the self defence force began its relief operations, the head office took people's daily order at every district and listed necessary relief goods, then waited for those goods from the self defence force.

JEN's vegetables support ended, but, as people said "We want to start our previous business as quickly as possible", JEN decide to begin supporting fishing equipment instead.

JEN will continue to support people in Higashihama who made a new start toward recovery and rebuilding so that they might be able to put their life back as quickly as possible.

October 18, 2011 in Tohoku earthquake |