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Habib-ur-Rehman, Supporter of IDPs

Mr. Habib-ur-Rheman lives in Dera Ismail Khan. He runs a farm and does fertilizer business. I would like to write about him. He is a strong supporter for IDPs, internal displaced persons and humanitarian support groups.


Habib is called Mohammad, the Islamic warrior. He is 46 years old while the average longevity in Afghanistan is 42*, and is very active. He is also a passionate social activist. He is known as Haji Sahib. Haji Sahib is a title given to those who go on a pilgrimage and should be respected.

He has lived in Sararogha in South Waziristan Kalusha and Mian Wada in Dera Ismail Khan province for the past 11 years. He used to be a “seasonal internal displaced person” which I have written on the blog. He lived in Dera Ismal Khan in severe cold winter and in South Waziristan, where it has better climate, in summer.

In summer 2009, when Pakistan government conducted mop-up operation against anti-government group, he was back in South Waziristan with his family. However, since the security there worsened about a month ago, he and his family evacuated to Dera Ismal Khan. Masud tribe, living in the same area, escaped without anything.


Habib says, “Among many issues of IDPs, I think especially big issue is the lack of accommodation and medical facilities.”

He also says, “I offer my own two houses (in Dera Ismal Khan) for the refugees from South Waziristan, but I feel uneasy and sad when I think about people who live in a house made of dried leaves of dates under unaccustomed heat wave.

He is supporting JEN’s activities while he is busy with other activities, so that misunderstandings to international non-governmental organizations that IDPs have can be erased. He just gives helping hands to those who need them the most in order to reconstruct the living.

One activity is that he opened a small temporary shop that sells coca tea at Paharpur market for some IDP. Poor people or people at a loss what to do for recovery can get a clue for reconstruction from one Habib’s action.


He received many letters of appreciation from some humanitarian groups for his contribution as well as he supported for JEN to confirm IDPs living far from the community. His efforts contributed to save many IDPs.

*Reference: WHO’s report 2010

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