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【Disaster Risk Reduction】 Improve living environment at a temporary shelter

On Oct. 16, a disaster risk reduction workshop took place at a temporary shelterunder the guidance of the Ojika district office of the Onagawa fire department. JEN had conducted the workshop for other countries, too.

JEN also provided them for victims of the cyclone disaster in Myanmar and the massive earthquake in Kashmir, Pakistan in 2005 as a relief activity. Just like this, in natural disaster-affected areas, JEN had always been engaged in conducting disaster risk reduction workshop to be well prepared for future natural disaster.

Now, back to the relief activity for the Great Eastern Earthquake. Currently, temporary shelters are equipped with fire extinguishers at every door but water tanks for fire extinction and sewerage system are not built. In order to strength the further disaster prevention, this workshop will play a great role.

On this day, about twenty people especially elder persons joined. Under the guidance of fire department officials they got training for how to call for an ambulance and conduct initial extinction in case of fire or emergency.



"When a fire breaks out, first you must elevate your voice so as to make yourself heard and report to the fire department quickly without trying to put out the fire by yourself" said the officer, and they listened carefully with great interest.


JEN, on that day, delivered dry-chemical extinguishers to each family and will continue to conduct disaster drills at other makeshift housing for the period to come. JEN would help enhance awareness of disaster prevention and, especially among other things, maintain the environment so that local people who have just started their new life can live peacefully in the makeshift housing complex where many people are living together.


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