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Construction of Latrine is led by Citizen

School latrine construction this term would be led by the community. It made that small breaks would be mended by community members and they would also be able to construct additional latrines by themselves as needed.

In middle of September, young people in the villages gathered and were trained of necessary skills. Three people form each village, in total 18 people participated in the training from Morobo county. There were lots of things to learn such as the method of piling bricks, making cement floor of the toilet and distinguishing stoned which can be added to the cement.

When they returned to their villages, they must lead the latrine construction, therefore they made their best effort to learn those.

This photo shows the work of tying up the wires of reinforced concrete for toilet floors.

It is also a part of training to crash stoned in large pieces for suitable size to adding cement.
It was roasting, however, everyone made material for practice by themselves with their very best.

Here is a result of the work in which they mixed cement and gravel and cast them into types. The latrine would be crouching down type thus a hole in the middle was needed. The things easily obtained were used as material for instance  the front in the photo is rolled paper bags of cement, the middle is plastic containers and the rear is soil bricks, although it is difficult to see.


The work below was surprising. They set a spade under the net and hit by hummer. This is for cutting the net. We were told that we can cut nets in that way if there are no tools to cut it such as nippers.

At the back of the training center, a lady chef cooked lunch. Beans stew, looks delicious


This project is supported by JPF and every supporter.

October 13, 2011 in South Sudan |