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【Community Space】Traditional and local flavored HotPot takes place at Kazumaminami district

A party to celebrate fall harvest where people enjoy over Japanese hotpot , Imonikai, took place at Kazuma-Nishi park on October 9.

Many people from children to elderly people gathered that day: children enjoyed playing soccer, catch, painting and drawing lots before the nabe was ready to eat. On the other hand, the elderly were sitting seats prepared in tents and enjoyed talking each other.


In the scene of drawing lots contest, an elder boy was seen to encourage a younger one who got disappointed at failing in winning a lottery he aimed at, saying, ‘Don’t let it get you down, you may be able to try for again’.


Two different hotpot were prepared, Miso-based one which is favored in Miyagi prefecture and soy sauce-based one in Yamagata prefecture.


The elderly were enjoying those nabes talking each other about what they had been doing lately.

Some of them enjoyed both Miyagi-favor nabe and Yamagata-favor nabe and some others looked forward to the next party to be held, and so they didn’t seem to run out of conversation topics. As such, the first 'Imonikai' was full of peoples’ laughing all day long.

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