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【Community Space】 Flip Flop making class at common room.

On October 28, at the community space in Nakayashiki district, Flip Flop making class took place with collaboration from a local NPO in Ishinomaki "Association for encouraging people by handcrafting".

In the class, participants were divided into groups, thong making team and sole making one and they preceded their parts cheerfully. In order to make thongs, you have to repeat the process of first stitching inside-out cloth on a sewing machine and then turning it back. There is a trick of turning it back. The participants were finishing off turning the thongs back neatly using long chopsticks.


In order to make a sole, first you have to hook a plastic cord on a hanger to make it the sole interlining and then knit up small strips of cloths, which cloths were relief supplies from all over Japan but left without takers. Participants learned about details from an instructor and were caught up in their work.



In the afternoon, the thong team joined the sole team. Participants were seen to teach each other what they had learned from the instructor. "We might as well use this cloth sandal in our makeshift housing.", "It might be good for floors.", they were saying.
The thongs were reworks of disaster affected cloths from taken down houses after the disaster, thanks to those house owners. Filling the thongs with breath of the disaster, the cloth sandals were finished off one by one.


Participants are now thinking of how to make use of and deliver to their supporters those finished Flip Flop.

October 31, 2011 in Tohoku earthquake |