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Beetal Goats

Goats are important for poor livestock farmers to make a living.

It is said that there are over 50 million goats in Pakistan. The species are various. Some species are good for meat or milk production. Beetal goats are famous for its milk production and meat.


JEN has a project that distributes pregnant beetal goats to IDPs, internal displaced persons, living in Dera Ismal Kahn. Compared with temporary distribution of NFIs, Non-Food Items, or coupon, beetal goat distribution is expected for sustainable financial and health effectiveness.

Let me tell you how beetal goats distribution affects to IDPs’ households.


1.Financial effectiveness

Rearing beetal goats enhances financial situation of IDPs. JEN supports Masud tribe evacuated from South Waziristan Kalusha, who originally earned from agriculture and livestock farming. JEN’s survey revealed that one household of Masud tribe consumes milk about two liters per day. If they hold a beetal goat, which produces 2-3 liters of milk every day, they can save spending for milk. JEN distributes pregnant goats, which means IDPs can either rear goats for breeding or produce milk productions.


2.Health effectiveness

IDPs can improve health by taking necessary nutrition from milk or meat from beetal goats. Milk contains vitamins and meat is a good resource of protein. Rearing goats are expected to lead to decrease the number of people with malnutrition. Children were not able to have a chance for education and have enough time at the evacuation site, but instead, they can take care of the goats, playing with them or taking them out for grazing.


Goats distribution will last until the end of October. The livestock instructors who have been trained by expertise will show IDPs how to manage and rear goats properly.

October 20, 2011 in Pakistan |