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Water Environment in South Sudan will be Introduced in “Chikyu VOCE” Part 2


JEN staff went to Morobo county with the crew of international co-operation TV programme “Chikyu VOCE (Earth VOCE)” produced by TV Tokyo for coverage.

Kanjya  primary school which we visited this time is one of the schools in which JEN provide hygiene education last year. Wells and latrine construction has been in progress this year.


When we arrived at the school, all students in the school had got together as it was time for the beginning of hygiene education. When the JEN Japanese staff made a short speech in local language, the students cheered. It was a time for hygiene education.



A hygiene club was established in the school and there are 15 members at the club. They introduce correct hygiene knowledge to the students in the hygiene education class which is held twice a week.


At the hygiene education class, the club members perform a drama for telling correct hygiene knowledge and do some quizes using picture cards to choose whether the illust is correct.


The latrine and well construction has not completed yet. The students normally use the toilet in a church in the school’s property, however, apparently they sometimes use the bush in the school as a toilet.


The task of hygiene club member goes on since it is also their role to encourage students to use the new toilets when the toilet construction is completed.

The aspect of passing correct hygiene knowledge from students to students will be broadcasted on “Chikyu VOCE” in October. Please check it out.

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