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Tsunami Aftermath - Reflections of a Volunteer Worker

A volunteer from England had expressed her thought about the experiences.


Traces of homes,
shells, smashed, skeletons;
Weeds thriving among
bare foundations,
Rubbish mountains of concrete, items un-discernable, mementos?

Coastal areas wrecked
the land sunk into the sea.
New roads & new sea defences,

Temporary, square, pre-fab shelters,
certainly not homes -
resembling camps,
containing the displaced, the lost
without fences or guards.

Residents and survivors,
so generous, so politely Japanese,

Only six months later,
So brave, embracing life, sharing with us volunteers
a drink on a hot day, a joke,
the events on that day, their toilet facilities.....

And yet bereft of their homes
their livelihood
and for many - their loved ones.

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September 30, 2011 in Tohoku earthquake |