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They look like different people!!

Cyril, our manager of overseas division has visited Haiti in about half a year, on 25th August 2011.

For this half a year, JEN has especially made a strong effort is capacity building for the local people and local staff.

It is not easy in Haiti where the education hasn’t reach enough for each people. But JEN’s resident officer, Dmitri has believed their potential and communicated them with patience. JEN’s staff has made effort to have their own self initiative and help them to feel a lot more confident their power.

In the beginning, they had seed direction from JEN’s resident staff everything and they hadn’t thought themselves and made a proposal what they should do.

But, by slow degree, JEN has increased their ownership and now the local staffs have taken chief responsibility for capacity building of the local people and discuss each other and think themselves what should they do sometimes wondering what doesn’t work fine.


Local staffs will stay Haiti after JEN has gone in future and they will contribute the recovery and growth of Haiti. I’m very excited that they will make some impacts for the Haitian people more and more.

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