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The follow up of the hygiene education project: voice from the children



JEN began to visit the pupils of the each school of 42 schools every month since they distributed the hygiene kit on May and June, to confirm whether their achieved hygiene knowledge correctly. Not only JEN distributed but also feedback whether they understand why they need it and know they are able to use it properly.

According to the monitoring team of JEN, it has been reported that the children understand the basic knowledge of hygiene and are practicing as well which makes us happy. For the staff of JEN, it is very delighted to learn that the children understanding hygiene education properly and practicing.
Today, we would like to introduce a number of comments from the children who took the courses.
Abdul Kadil Shahbid Boys Junior High School: Najibra (12 years old) (Spell needs to be confirmed)

When I heard about hygiene, I decided to take care of my heath as a good habit, spending a happy time and become a role model for other students.


Sahid Hill Girls School: Setara (10 years old) (Spell needs to be confirmed)

Listening to the hygiene lecture properly, I am practicing this every day. Hygiene kit was distributed to each pupil, I understood that all of this kit was necessary to keep us in good health.

Saframan Shahid High School: Danish (16 years old) (Spell needs to be confirmed)

Before I learned hygiene lectures, I felt that I was not always behaving correctly, but understood that hygiene lecture is to protect ourselves from disease. I enjoy practicing what I learned. I thank JEN giving us the opportunity to learn hygiene education and training with the hygiene kit.

Chenaki High School: Sharkel (14 years old) (Spell needs to be confirmed)

Until I took the hygiene education training, I did not know the right way of the cleanness of the fingernails but now I understand. Taking clean care of your fingernails include clipping and removing the dirt from your fingernails. Under the long fingernails, bacteria maybe hiding and long dirty fingernails can cause infection when you scratch your skin. JEN gave us the opportunity about hygiene education and training through the teachers. Now I know how to take care of my fingernails properly.

Monitoring by JEN will continue until the end of the year.

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