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School Construction is on going

Presently, among the 14 schools of Parwan Saran district and Sahidhel district, the school facilities such as toilettes, wells, running water and the water supplying facilities and the classrooms, outer wall of school facilities are now being constructed.

The children at these schools had to study under these terrible conditions without outer walls, no toilet and no running water.

The facility of the school was not repaired and was left over for a long while.
In order to set up new facilities, JEN has begun their construction from May 2011. After 4 months, we would like to introduce that we are close to a new safe environment.

Ahangaran Junior High School

During the expanding the new classroom; increasing three classrooms will provide a comfortable environment to study.

Chenaki Boys High School

With the outer wall being constructed, it has changed to a secure studying environment being protected from the outside.

Hajan Junior High School

Water supplying system has been attached, so the pupils can wash their hands.

Haibat Khil Girls High School

The toilettes and wells have been set up safely.

The hygiene environment has improved and made school life comfortable and feel secure to study.

Still negotiating with the school, village and government authorities, we are continuing the construction so that the children can study in a secure environment.

September 22, 2011 in Afghanistan |