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Received TV Coverage

JEN’s water sanitation project in Sudan  was requested to have TV coverage of an international co-operation TV programme “Chikyu VOCE (Earth VOCE)” produced by TV Tokyo. The guide is Mr. Lou Oshiba.

At first, JEN covered water condition in South Sudan with Mr. Lou Oshiba.


Even in capital city Juba, many people scoop up water from the Nile and drink straight away. People do not mind if others are washing their cloths, cars, and motor cycles and bathing, when people scoop up the water at the same time and place.


According to the man kindly interviewed by us, he comes here to scoop up water six times per day. He uses the water for his house and makes his living by selling the rest as a pound per tank.


JEN has a water sanitation project in South Sudan.
The day after we covered at the Nile, the programme covered JEN’s hygiene education at schools in Morobo county.

How have the children been learning correct hygiene knowledge, and the daily life of the children who have built correct hygiene knowledge.
Wait for a next news flash of South Sudan.

September 15, 2011 in South Sudan |