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Is there anything impossible for us?

The second phase of three stages of the workshop has been done at East Batticaloa


Our topic this time is “Planting, Harvest and Marketing for higher quality production”.
The voices of the participants of the workshop made all our staffs glad.


“Even if a lot of resources are surrounding our living, we were not aware and could not utilize it. Moreover, we spent our money for chemical fertilizers. We have never attended such a surprising training course.”


And we have made relationships with people who could give us advises of farming.
The workshop took place at a farmland and we learned practical methods there.
We got more knowledge which we can use hereafter. It was so fruitful workshop and motivated us.

Because the participants have basic knowledge of agriculture, they can absorb more information.
We believe the villagers will work together as a team and will make double or more harvest and profit.
We are proud to participate for community development.

(This project is receiving support from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and all of the donors.)

September 1, 2011 in Sri Lanka |