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Introducing a new staff in Haiti

My name is Kosaka. I newly assumed as an accounting and general affairs staff at Haiti office.

I’ve worked as same post for Tohoku Project at the Tokyo headquarters before I arrived here.

On the 21 September 2011, my fright has been cancelled for the typhoon and I hastily shifted my fright for the next day and changed planes at Chicago and New York. Then I arrived safely in Haiti on 23 September, 2011.

Everything is new and fresh to me because it is my first visit Haiti.
I’m very excited for the pink and yellow flowers, colorful fishes swimming in the clear sea, and so on. 

Haiti is a beautiful country but now Haitian people are living under harsh conditions. I can’t stop hoping to come the day as soon as possible Haitian people would gain the untroubled living conditions, here in beautiful country. 
I’ll focus on doing my own best work to be contributory to realization that. It has been my dream to engage this work.

I’ve been hoped to concern myself in humanitarian work since I’ve herd about my grandfather’s actual experience of during and after the world war Ⅱ. I moved to Ireland by myself after graduated junior high school, and I learned English and Northern Ireland’s problems. I visited to former Yugoslavian countries for example Kosovo, Serbia and Bosnia while I was a university student. I engaged in many activities in those countries.

I continued to chase my dream after graduation from university. I applied to the work of overseas division during part-time work with JEN and get the post.
I’m very happy because I supported by many people to realize my ambition of a life. I’d like to return the courtesy for Haitian people little by little.

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