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IDPs and hot climate in Dera Ismail Khan

There are two types of IDPs who live in the suburbs of Dera Ismail Khan. Conflict-induced IDPs and seasonal IDPs.

Conflict-induced IDPs who live in this area are those who escaped from the battle between the Pakistan Army and extremists in South Waziristan Agency. These citizens escaped from the conflict take shelter in their relatives, host communities or leased houses, feeling timid and living in foul conditions.


On the other hand, seasonal IDPs in the same area originally have stable livelihood, and they run business by themselves or make a living by culminating their own land in most cases.

They come over to Dera Ismail Khan only in the winter season. They do so because the life back home in winter season is so hard with heavy snow and freezing temperature.

Then, when summer comes and the temperature goes unbearably hot in Dera Ismail Khan, they go back to their home village where the climate is comfortable by then.


However, the situation is not the same this year. There also has been a conflict in seasonal IDPs’ home area, so they cannot go back to their village in summer season. Besides, the temperature in Dera Ismail Khan has been around 40 degrees C during the final two months in summer season. It had usually been easier to weather out in this season.
Both conflict-induced IDPs and seasonal IDPs are not accustomed to live in such a hot climate.

Even so, seasonal IDPs can manage to weather out and live, because they have a stable livelihood.

By contrast, daily lives of conflict-induced IDPs have become harder in this sweltering hot weather because they are too poor to buy things.

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