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Hygiene Education through Radio

JEN’s hygiene education in South Sudan this year is different from the one in the past. Importance of hygiene is insisted not only by hygiene education at schools but also through radio to many people in the project site. It aimed to children who could not go to school and adults who had not had an opportunity to receive hygiene education.

It is not interesting if the contents are simply educational staff. Therefore we decided to produce radio drama and broadcast it, however, JEN staff had no experience of producing radio drama. Then, we asked experienced staff in another organization to train JEN staff.


 The training was held for seven days. Eight episodes and drama song were produced in the training. Although JEN staff was completely confused to make eight episodes in such a short period of time, they made their best effort.

 The main message of the episodes is “How to prevent stomach ache”. The drama covered the topics such as needless to say importance of washing hand, the knowledge of what kind of water is insanitation, method of storing water and dealing with bodily waste, necessity of installation of latrines and hygiene of cooking tools.


 We hope that not only children who learned at school but also their parents understand the importance of hygiene after this radio drama is broadcasted. We also hope that the number of people who suffer from diarrhea etc. will be reduced by practicing washing their hands at home.

September 1, 2011 in South Sudan |