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Call for volunteers in September

Over 2700 volunteers have participated in JEN’s activities so far!

With those support, we were able to remove debris and sludge at Watanoha and Oshika area, distribute relief supplies to temporary housing, and provide lunch and dinner to those residents working to clean up their homes.

Presently, JEN is supporting not only cleaning up community space and factories with those employees to restart their business, but also supporting fishery reconstruction.

We can all support those people to make a first step to regain their livelihoods and be optimistic about the future again.

Please see below for details of volunteering in September. It has changed that volunteers joining volunteering for their first time need to apply for their own insurance.

Thank you very much for your support.

<Terms and conditions>
1. Transportation to and from Ishinomaki must be organized by the volunteers.

2. Volunteers will work and lodge in groups.

3. Volunteers need to bring a sleeping bag, food and drinks for their consumption, work clothes (rubber boots, rubber gloves, long sleeve T-shirt and trousers).

4. Volunteers need to be covered by volunteering insurance.

Time and meeting point may change due to local situation. Please check our website before departure for any changes. Thank you for your cooperation.

※Please note that the meeting point differs on Wednesdays (arriving on the previous day) and Saturdays (arriving in the morning).

※As the office is small, there are no space for the volunteers to stay and wait. Please assemble approx 5 minutes before the meeting time.

※If the application does not reach the quota, the application will be open for volunteering. Please ask individually. The application will be closed once we have 20 volunteers.

◆Every Wednesday
(Application deadline: 5pm, 1 week prior to participation date)

September 14, 21, and 28

Meeting point: Outside of JEN Ishinomaki Office (※)

Meeting time: 5:45pm, previous day (Tuesday).

★The orientation will be held after assembling. Volunteers will be sent to the accommodation after orientation (leaving 6pm).

※Address: SASADENBILL 201, 3-13 Isenba, Ishinomaki City (5 minutes walk from JR Ishinomaki Station)

◆Every Saturday
(Application deadline: 5pm, 1 week prior to participation date)

September 10, 17, and 24

Meeting point: Prefabricated building next to Senshu Univ. (former JEN Office)(※)

Meeting time: 9am, Saturday.

★Orientation will be held after assembling. Volunteers will move to work areas after orientation.

※Address: 284-1 Minamizakai Shinmito, Ishinomaki City (1 minute walk from main gate of Ishinomaki Senshu Univ.)

JEN Watanoha Accommodation

Address: 48-2 Watanoha aza Yamazaki, Ishinomaki City

※If number of volunteers reach 20 quota, prefabricated building next to Senshu Univ.
(284-1 Minamizaki Shinmito, Ishinomaki City)

<Work details>
◆Debris and sludge removal at house (cleaning up debris, sludge, mud, trash, furniture submerged in water brought by the tsunami)

◆Distribution of relief supplies to temporary housings,

◆Supporting fishery reconstruction activities

◆Cleaning up streams, shrines, and parks

And, any other work necessary.

Work may change due to supporting needs.

Thank you for your understanding.

<Additional information>
◆JEN will contact volunteers by email or phone to confirm application of volunteers.

◆Application will be closed once we reach the quota.

◆Minimum activity period is 1 day. Weekday activities are welcome.

◆Volunteering activities are closed on Tuesdays.

◆Please contact JEN for continuous volunteering.

◆There is a possibility that work will be cancelled in case of rain.

<Volunteering insurance>
It is mandatory to join the Volunteering Insurance.

Please apply at your nearest Japan National Council of Social Welfare. Once applied, it is valid until end of March 2012.

For details → 「hp_eng.pdf」をダウンロード

Application form →  「application_eng.doc」をダウンロード

Please contact volunteer@jen-npo.org for inquiries.

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