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-Northern Province- Visit from JPF monitoring team

During September 5th and 6th, a monitoring team from Japan Platform (JPF) visited Sri Lanka. Staff from JEN accompanied the team and exchanged views with the residents in several regions.

On the first day, we monitored the restoration and cleaning project of wells in Vavuniya district, Vavuniya County.


This photo shows us monitoring an example of the well being used not only for daily chores but also for agricultural purposes, and contributing to income generation of the local residents. You can see in the photo banana leaves vigorously growing in line behind the well.

On the second day, we monitored construction of pre-hab houses with lavatories and restoration and cleaning of wells in Mullaittivu district, Puthukkudiyiruppu County.


This area has been severely damaged, being a disputed region until the end of the civil war. Though basic detection of land mines has been completed, detection of unexploded bombs is still under way. In addition, many things such as tractors and tin sheets lay abandoned alongside the roads heading to the area.


We carefully took narrow, steep paths covered with thick bushes and finally arrived at the first house of the local residents.


The inhabitants of the house allowed us to take a look inside.

In this area, walls of the houses are temporarily covered with waste material of various sizes. Since there are places that cannot be reached without going near trenches, we are to carry necessary materials into the location only after the residents have made it possible to enter those places.

JEN Vavuniya office is carrying out the program in order to finish all the stonework in the location before the rainy season coming at the end of September.

September 15, 2011 in Sri Lanka |