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"The world's oldest toilet"  The birthplace of the flush toilet was Iraq! ?

JEN is currently working on a project to repair schools and a hygiene promotion project for 21 schools in five prefectures in Iraq.  We received photos from Baghdad every week, photos about running water and repaired clean toilets which were dirty or broken before.


As you can see from the photo, toilet being used at an elementary school in Iraq is very similar to the Japanese style toilet. However, the squat direction is reverse to the Japanese one.

Since we’re working on repairing toilets, we found an interesting story about toilet circumstances in Iraq. It is said that there is the world's oldest toilet in Iraq.

The world's oldest toilet was discovered in the ruins of Tell Asmar Eshuan'na (60km northeast of Baghdad, Diarra prefecture) which flourished as the city of Akkad dynasty around 2200 BC.
This toilet about 4000 years ago, toilet seats were piled up as U-shaped with brick. It is said that they have already been able to sit. It is further assumed that pipe work and sewer pipes were sanitary and equipped as modern system. Sewage was surprisingly flush lavatory which flowing into a tributary of the river Tigris.  This flush lavatory was said to be used not only in the palace but also in the general home.

From the above, it seems that Iraq is considered the birthplace of flush lavatory.

JEN wants to equip sanitary toilets which will not lose much to the toilet of 4000 years ago.

August 25, 2011 in Iraq |