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Supporting Charikar Girls School

In Charikar, Parwan Province of Afghanistan, the construction of the outer wall and the construction of septic tank of the toilet finished at last. This project was supported by the International Exchange Association of Chikumagawa.


Before the construction of Baba hill Girls School, the community of the village protected the infrastructure of the school by surrounding with a wall made of mud. But it was built temporary so it is very fragile and not enough strength to rain.


There was no septic tank for the toilet, so the insanity condition was not appropriate.


Therefore, after adjustment with the local education authorities, JEN built a stiff concrete surrounding wall at the Baba Hill Girls School at Charikar city.

For this wall, the children are secured from the outside circumstance and feel safe to study. Additionally, the parents also feel secure to let their children study at school and the number of girls pupil going to school are increasing.

The toilet of the school septic tank constructed improved the water insanity and the environment of the neighbors. There is no unclean water running around beside and changed to an environment without being uncomfortable.


We would like to express our appreciation to the people who support us and we are willing to support more people in Afghanistan.

August 25, 2011 in Afghanistan |