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Ramadan 2011

Ramadan is in September in Islamic calendar. Muslims all over the world fast in Ramadan. Fasting for a whole month has a good influence on mental and physical health.

The interesting thing about Ramadan is that there is 10 days difference between Islamic and western calendar every year. Each year, the first day of Ramadan comes 10 days earlier than last year. For example, Ramadan began on August 10 in 2010 and on August 1 in 2011.

Last year, we fasted with flood victims in Kohat District. JEN distributed goods other than food in the first week of Ramadan for the first project in the area. The goal at that time was to support the most damaged and vulnerable victims in the environment in which the temperature had been 40 to 45 degrees every day.

It has been one year now since the flood occurred last year, and JEN is about to begin the occupational recovery support for IDPs in Dera Ismail Khan District.

The subject for the support this time is three villages in Paharpur in Dera Ismail Khan District. The project site is located at the roadside of Chashma Road, which connects Dera Ismail Khan District and Mianwali District. In Paharpur, there are fertile lands and drains that flow from the Indus River into various agricultural lands. All kinds of crops including wheat, corn, and vegetables grow there.


Especially dates are one of the most important products of Paharpur. The area called Dhakki in Paharpur is famous for delicious dates, and they are shipped out to other areas in Pakistan.
Dates and various kinds of mangoes grow well because it is hot during the whole year in Dera Ismail Khan District.


Dates are important food during the Ramadan period. Muslims bear the hunger while craving for dates and water, and take a break after 15 hours of fast each day.
JEN’s staff bought dates for Ramadan at the local market in Dera Ismail Khan for their family.

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