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One and half year since godou-godou*

JEN Staff(J): Hello, could you introduce yourself?

Marie-Louise(M):Hello, My name is Derazin Marie Luis from Grand Goave. I'm 35 years old, wife and a mother of 4.


J:Where were you when the earthquake hit? What did you do after it happened.

M:When the earthquake hit, I was with 2 of my kids and 3 friends at home.
I was with 2 of my friends in the kitchen and I felt the big wobble all of a sudden. We hurried to get out of the house and then tell our kids to get out. But they hid inside of the house.
Somehow we managed to take them outside. Fortunately all of us at my house were safe.
Our house didn't get too much damage that only windows got broken. However, houses in the neighborhood collapsed and we heard people screaming.
Right after the earthquake, we evacuated to the countryside with little possesion. Then we have shared a tent with 65-70 families.
Aftershocks kept going everyday. Sometimes it happens every 2hours.I went back to my house to get some belongings once, but we couldn't stay ther for long. Neighbors vacant their houses for monthes.
After 3 monthes later, I finally decided to go back to my house. But most of the people were scared to go back or had no house anymore.

J:Do you think your friends were effected with the earthquake?

M:My aunt and uncle who lived in Port-au-Prince were killed in the corruption of a building.
Obviously, many people were killed with this earthquake. I heard there were 6 people became victims.

J:How do you think Haiti will be in the future?

M:I have no idea. In Haiti, the leader isn't really reliable. Nothing seems moving.
J:What do you think about the international aid organizations that came to Haiti right after the earthquake?
M:They are doing great.For example, JEN provided water which is important to survive.
Also Terre des Hommes helped children, OIM built houses for people at the camp.Samaritan Purse set up toilet facility.

J:What do you think holds back the recovery in Haiti?

M:Well, we don't have enough education facilities. Especially in Port-au-Prince, many children are living on the street and don't have a chance to go to schools. Also, we need basic hygene education.

*godou-godou >> the onomatopoeic Haitian word for earthquake

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