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Last week, the Islamic nations such as Afghanistan and Pakistan entered Ramadan. During the Ramadan, from sunrise to sunset, dining and smoking is prohibited. It is a holy period to appreciate their daily meal.

Depending on the area, the time to fast is different and during the period, the beginning and ending differs. In Pakistan and in Afghanistan, fasting begins at 3:30 AM until 7:00 PM. After the fast ends, the meal after the fast is called Iftal.

This time I will introduce what Iftal is like.



On the summit of Margara in Islamabad, there is a very popular restaurant. During Iftal, all restaurants prepare Iftal buffet and is crowded with people. There are a lot of dishes in front of the store of the market. 

Families and friends all gather and share their meal. After a long time of fasting, they begin with dates and water and then move to the main dish.

The chef is very busy. He cooks the kabab one by another. The waiter is running around carrying a lot of food.

A Pakistani dish, nan and kebab are very tasty with a nice amount of spice. You appreciate your meal during your Iftal meal. It is special moment to share your meal with your family and friends with a lot of people.

Why not trying to fast your meal?

August 11, 2011 in Afghanistan |