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Generous South Sudanese

I will introduce a case which shows how generous South Sudanese are.

Banks are always packed by many people. There are so many tall people in South Sudan. My height reaches only to their chest. Just after I arrived South Sudan, I put maximum effort to queuing long time with avoiding being cut in on and protecting myself.

It is permitted to leave the queue while we waiting out turn here. Sometimes, we have to wait more than two hours at banks. While we are waiting, we can leave the queue and come back by getting permission of the people queuing previous and behind us.

So that, it happens regularly that when I thought my turn is coming soon, a person who had left the queue came back and I have to wait more. I am not really happy to accept this as I have been waiting for long time, however, every one welcomes the person. I am always impressed how generous they are!

(Michi Ito, Administration Finance Officer)

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