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Encounters at Kali Amma Festival

On 10th August, Kali Amma Festival was held in Vavunlya where our branch is located.
Kali is said to be a representation of rage of Princess Parvati of Lord Shiva in the religion of Hindu, and also regarded as Female God.
Amma means “mother”, Parvati is mother of Ganeza who is known as having elephant’s head.
Mirthful music is a sign that a float and monks of Hindu religion have been coming.


Each family waits and sets out rice and bananas as altarages.
The central one in the picture is a coconut.
The grandfather of this home told me “Coconut is constituted by 3 parts, and represents things what human need for. The most outer shell represents human’s mind. Fructification represents foods for living, and water is the thing which is necessary for life”


The party is organized that Girls are leading and marching band, monks and a float follow in order.
Brahmin comes by each home for chanting a sutra and giving out a smoke of candles of offering to the family.  (like a ritual using thurible of temple in Japan)


After that, Brahmin gave alterages to the family, people on a float and others of the party, and head for next home.
The grandfather answered my questions and finally gave me farewell, “Thank you for interesting in our religion.”
And Brahmin recommended with smile me to get a smoke even though I’m heathendom.
Today’s Kali Amma Festival, I was so impressed by people here.

August 18, 2011 in Sri Lanka |