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Develop a concept of community-Part 2


JEN’s staff now has been in the town, Pignon, which is located in the north of Haiti, for the second training presided by HO. HO has worked there since 1997 and there are already a lot of wells which the local community has been maintained themselves.

Staff members asked many questions about the way how to maintain and so on after seeing the practical activity of HO. But the other director of HO, Neal said;

「Afterwards, there would be more than one way to find the technical solution like that. But most important thing is whether the community is built on the three believes.
1; Transparency, 2; Obligation, Duty, 3 ; Accountability.
Please remember that you won’t take a short view and always think about how you should do to pursue for the three believes. 」


For example, there won’t be the transparency if the residents haven’t known the presence of the Water committee.
HO show up to the community and examine the people if they understand what the rule based on the Water committee is working, how much is the monthly water fee, and what is the penalty for them if they break the rule.

HO won’t fix nor install the pomp if people will not pass the exam. They carry into action for the maintenance or installing the pomp after they confirmed whether the committee has been workable or not.

It is really big issue for the people who have almost no income whether they have to pay for water about 50-100 yen or not as a month.


JEN’s project, to develop a concept of community will go on to talk around people about the importance that they can use their well in the long run and the effectiveness of the effort as a community to solve their problem.

August 4, 2011 in Haiti |