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“Autumn Is Just Around The Corner” From Oshika Peninsula

It has been 6 months since the Earthquake and Tsunami that struck Japan.

JEN, has been holding regular “Ochakko Nomi” or Tea Drinking parties since August 21st inside the meeting rooms at the temporary dwelling areas of Oshika Peninsula.

Jen is hoping that the people who recently moved into their houses there manage to communicate and share their experiences with the other residents, and a new strong-bonded community filled with laughter flourishes.

How to make this small village alive the same way projects like the “Community Space” in the City of Ishimaki? Every day Jen goes around the peninsula to listen to the voice of its inhabitants and their opinions about this matter.

To get to the Oshika Peninsula, we have to cross the bridge that connects the peninsula and the mainland while driving along the beautiful coast .

Right after we cross, there is an incredible view that jumps into our eyes.

We take a look at the mainland, and although it is low tide time, the level of the sea water is very high.


The road that goes along the coast looks like this all the way long. For the people of the Oshika Peninsula this is their real “lifeline”. And so is for us. We are aware of the dangers that await us; the road could crumble if the weather suddenly changes or if an aftershock occurs. But we are decided to go. Even now, 5 months after the disaster.


A small beach swallowed by the high tide.

Autumn is just around the corner...


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