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What the Pupil of Aminu Rahman Girls School Learned About Hygiene Knowledge


At Aminu Rahman Girls School, the education program for hygiene to the teacher who had been schooled in advance by JEN has been very effective to the pupils which are practical education.
The pupils demonstrated their basic hygiene knowledge what they have learned to the monitors of JEN.


This is how the pupils are demonstrating hand washing.

Washing hands correctly is the most efficient way to prevent various infectious diseases and to protect yourself.
Washing hands not only prevents diseases but also reduces the risk to spread disease to other people. If you contact people without washing hands, it can spread the bacteria and cause infectious disease. Without washing hands and touch the door knobs or the keyboard that you share with others, it can also spread the diseases from the bacteria that are attached.

This is one of the pupil how she is clipping her fingernail. She said “we were glad to learn about hygiene education from JEN. We learned the details from our teacher.”


This is how they are brushing their teeth. The pupil who attended named Samia Jan said “shining and clean teeth with healthy teeth and gum will keep your heart and body in the best condition. If your friends don’t step back when you talk, brushing your teeth three times a day is ‘must’. Brushing teeth also can keep your breath clean”.

July 14, 2011 in Afghanistan |