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Our meeting with the mayor of Leogane

Leogane city where JEN operates is close to the epicenter of Haiti earthquake. 80% of the buildings including the city hall have been partially destroyed.

The earthquake killed thousands of people in just 30seconds, the city was in chaos with many NGOs have been operating their relief efforts.

Staffs of the city hall lost a lot as well as their citizens, with difficult issues, worked so hard to protect their families.

Since the mayor and the team at the city hall were occupied with protecting their own families, they were not able to serve the public at the same time.

It was also a big damage that many of the stored documents and data have been lost by the earthquake.

In the beginning of May, 2010, 50 representatives of 30 international representatives gathered at the liaison and adjustment meeting. Mayor Alexis Santos and the team from the city hall were barely able to figure out the current situation.

It wasn't very successful because there were misunderstandings and different perspectives on the reconstruction plan.

The biggest problem was that NGOs need to go through complicated procedures to sign their contracts with the municipal or the central governments.

JEN set the goal to improve the work result.  We thought the people in the immediate needs come first and kept our operation in the farming area.

We have built a great relationship with CASECs which is the smallest public service in Haiti in one year and a half. Then we were honored to have a opportunity to meet Mayor Santos.

Mayor Santos have already been well aware of JEN's operation in Leogane. He offered us his recommendation letters to not only the municipal level but the central government to register JEN.

1 month later, we have completed the signing all the papers for NGO registration in Haiti.
Once it is approved, it makes it easier for JEN to keep our operation in Haiti.

This is our biggest joy that we will be able to support people in the commune through numerous works in the future.

Program officer Romain Briey

July 7, 2011 in Haiti |