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Independence Eve, South Sudan

The head of Sudan office was changed on June 1st 2011. Shu Nishimaru was assigned to the position instead of Michi Yamanakajima who had been assigned and made good result in Sudan from February 2010.


South Sudan had been a part of Sudan and it would be independent as a country on July 9th. In the capital city, roads and airports were rapidly developed, roadside trees were planted and atmosphere of celebration was gradually growing. One of the junctions in the city, electrical bulletin board showed remaining time to the independence day, not only how many days left but also how many hours and minutes as the photo indicates

On the other hand, to have the independence day safely, police and army were stood in Juba city and often check the safety. The roads were closed off near main site and peace keeping force also getting nervous. The NGOs discussed and agreed on avoiding going out after 11pm not to stimulate them unnecessarily.


JEN international staff thought about experiencing this celebration atmosphere and tension at actual place on the independence day, however, we decided to stand by in Kenya , the neighbour country, as among NGOs, it was recommended that the staff stand by at home and keep food and water around the independence day.  

After the independence day, we would restart the project. JEN will support more to build society in which people are able to feel more happiness. In next news flash, local staff would report independence atmosphere. 

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