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Independence Commemoration for South Sudan – Scenery of Celebration in Yey


On July 9th 2011, 10 states in South Sudan achieved separatist and was newly admitted as a country “Republic of South Sudan”.


Whole town of Yey county in Central Equatoria State, located 2-3 hours away by car from south–west of the capital city Juba , had a revelry. People from variety of tribes gathered at Freedom Square and celebrated the independence together. 9 tribes which participated in national election on January 9th this year live in Yey county.


An officer in Yey county Mr. Area Waiwai  insisted in a speech at celebration that South Sudan was able to be independent because every one participated in the national election. In addition, he expressed his gratitude to continuing support by citizen group and NGOs during unforgettable conflict period with Noth.


What is more, he mentioned that it was important that each area in South Sudan develop all together. Yey county consist of variety of tribes so that each tribes dance their tribes’ dance using drums, bows and arrows and shared the delight with lot of colours at Freedom Square where the celebration held.


Mr. Uga Moses, an dancer at Avokaya  tribe, said “I am very happy with independence of South Sudan. From now on, let us clean this dust-covered area by the conflict without any confrontations among the tribes.”


Yey area has history which the area was one of the battle field and many thousand of people damaged by the aerial blitz during the conflict in 1996, the second civil war.
JEN will support and keep an eye on people in Yey who do not forget the past and are restored the area more powerfully as new country.

(Samuel  JEN Juba Office staff )

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