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Develop a concept of community-Part 1-

Because of a sense of community hasn’t  sunk into the Haitian people, they rarely ever cooperate to their common interests.

Therefore, many international organizations or NGO group had set up water facilities until now, but it had not been maintained by the citizens themselves. Haitian people have not the system of conservation and maintenance, so once it had broke they had left the situation as it is.

JEN has driven forward the establishment of a committee of water management to self-organize by the local people.

But it is impossible to make the community which has no precedent handle the committee like that.

Then we asked an organization called HO(Haiti Outreach) to make the training for citizen people. HO has a lot of experience of water and health problem in Haiti. Furthermore, National Water and Health Office recommend them.

First of all, it is important that we, JEN’s staff will contact the community with our clear vision.
Roger, one of the director of HO asked JEN’s staff.


Roger; Imagine the situation after five years later about the well and its surrounding which you are doing now. Please clearly imagine.

JEN(Adone);I imagine the committee of water management will function very well.
They will save lots of money and establish their school by its money. There will plant many flowers and set a bench around the well. There will be filled with energy.

JEN(Nadia);I expect that the committee of water management will become a dead issue within a year. They will cease to act, for example because they lost their account ledgers. They can’t collect water fee, pomp will be broken, and National Water and Health Office do nothing for the problem.

Roger; Please raise your hand who expect very positive situation after five years, like Adone?
No one raised their hand.


They all know that it will be very difficult to keep effective acting of the committee of water management without adequate preparation.

But there is much point in imaging about five years after.
Firstly, it clarifies our policy to which direction we want to lead the community.
Of course the direction should be settled by the community, but local people’s motivation will change depend on the vision of  staff. Also, it will change the style of contact for the community.

Secondary, we can prepare for the issues that could happen. Everyone had laughed what Nadia said because it was so realistic .It was too real.
Maybe it is likely to be the situation which Nadia said if this goes on.

But of course we don’t want to be like that, everyone think so and keep going to the community, and the training will go on. ( To be continued)

July 28, 2011 in Haiti |