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【Community Space】 Clean up, barbeque after-party, and football school at Kazuma

On July 10, we held an event by support of Hope For Japan, a mudef program, at Kazuma Higashi Park in Kazuma Minami.

Kazuma Higashi Park is right next to where our former ‘Community Space’ was located. We used to borrow a rent house devastated by the tsunami as ‘Community Space’, to hold soup kitchen, to distribute relief supplies, and to have the neighborhood use the space for tea breaks. The rent house was torn down due to rebuilding plans by the owner, but the function itself moved exactly as it was to Kazuma Higashi Park.

The theme of the event was to clean up the debris in the park so that people can use the park safely. After cleaning up the park with a lot of sweat, we held a barbeque after-party and football school for the children. It was an extremely hot day, but many people gathered around from the neighborhood.


<photo: Children pulling up the weeds in the park.>

Kazuma is an area close to the sea. A two meter tsunami hit the area right after the earthquake, and many cars and collapsed houses washed into the park. Not only large debris, but small pieces of glasses were scattering all over the place. To clean up those small pieces, there was no way than relying on human hand. It took a lot of time, but we wanted to see children playing in the park again. We wanted the participants to enjoy, so we planned a “clean up – barbeque - football school” event.

The lunch time everyone has been waiting…

P1010544 <photo: Fresh cold fruits>

An after-party with barbeque, curry rice, cold tomatoes and fruits, for the exhausted body.

“I’m very happy for the fresh fruits, as there are no refrigerators yet in my house!!!”

Fatigue went away.

After a small break, a football school was held by Satoshi Tsunami, a former national soccer team member, and Koichi Kawazoe, a soccer commentator.


<photo: Children playing soccer vigorously with Tsunami-san.>

We heard many laughter under the hot summer sun.

For donation…


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