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Beginning the Survey for the Program of the Year 2012

The other day, we began surveying the needs for the next year program. This time, the field officers of JEN visited all the 33 schools in Jawarsaji district and the 44 schools of Parwan Province. This was to understand the present status and other than this, we conducted a survey by interviewing the school teachers, the villagers and the parents.

There were classrooms where the ceiling was exposed. It was an unsafe environment for the children to study. It would not be a surprise to see something falling from above, but the children are studying in that kind of unsafe environment.

In the same school, the numbers of classes are insufficient for the number of pupils, so some of them had to study outside.

There are classrooms without walls.



The environment for the toilet is not that good either. There are no doors and no hand washing places nearby. There are water faucets but no running water, filled with trash and not ready to wash hands.

110728_10For the year 2012, JEN is planning to support the maintenance of the water hygiene environment and the education program based on the survey Parwan Province


Also, there are a number of schools that these unclean springs and streams become the only water source.

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