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A New Project Site

JEN’s team visited Dera Ismail Khan District on July 17. JEN starts the support project for IDPs who fled for refuge from the conflict in South Waziristan Agency, and now live in Paharpur City that is situated in the northern part of Dera Ismail Khan District.

JEN will assist IDPs who live in three selected villages in Paharpur City. The location of a new project site is the village which is 50km far from the city of Dera Ismail Khan.


We checked some candidate buildings for office in our first visit to Dera Ismail Khan. It is quite difficult and needs to be careful to choose the location for office, because there is a public safety problem in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province area-wide where D. I. Khan resides.

There are several things we have to check before we make a final decision about the location for office. For example, it shouldn’t be in the highly-populated area where everyone can access easily. Also, it is not appropriate to open the office in easily-noticeable area where VIPs live and it is always at risk of terrorism.

Dera Ismail Khan District is famous for summer heat among other neighboring regions, and the temperature had been at 36 to 42 degrees C throughout our stay there. Although the rain had been forecasted in the northern part of the district, we didn’t have any rain in the whole week during our stay.


The Indus River runs through the eastern part of Dera Ismail Khan City. At the riverbank, there are good places for a picnic and some nice restaurants that serve freshwater fish cuisine. As darkness sets in, people who suffered from the extreme heat during daylight go to the river to enjoy the cold evening breeze and crossing the river in boats.

The city of Dera Ismail Khan is situated in the state borders of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Punjab Province and Balochistan Province, and the Indus Highway links Peshawar and Karachi through the city. These factors make Dera Ismail Khan a multicultural city.


The local language in Dera Ismail Khan District is Saraiki (similar with Punjab language). There are Pashtun people, Saraiki people, Panjab people, and Bloch people in Dera Ismail Khan City, so it is common to see people in various costumes on the street.

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