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A Midsummer in Baghdad

In the heat of the strong sunlight here in Amman, days with over 30 degree have continued. We received a letter which told us the hotness summer in Iraq from the Office director in Baghdad who had repeatedly said "Amman is cool and easy to spend" during the stay in Amman.

On the way back to Baghdad from Amman, I sat in the car for 10 hours and was looking at the desert which spread out of the window.  Except there was a check point of the army sometimes, highway was very open. However, traffic congestion was bad once entered the city of Baghdad. It took two hours to reach the destination.

When arrived at Baghdad, relieve didn’t last long. Intense heat has been hit immediately. Summer in Baghdad is very hot. The temperatures can be close to 50 degrees. In this heat environment, air conditioning is essential. However, we cannot rely on public electricity because the power outage immediately.

For this reasons, most home put a generator at home. However, with only the generator at home, air conditioners do not work. At night, you have to sleep only with window from fan in a sweat.

How Iraq people spend this hottest season?  They go to air-conditioned rest area, restaurant and markets to outpace the heat somehow.



At evening, people gather at rest area, a large fan working.

July 28, 2011 in Iraq |