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Well Delivery Ceremony (Morobo County)

On April 29th, a ceremony was held for delivering deep well with hand pump to local people at a school in Morobo county. JEN had provided some training to local member in facility management committee as engineers to use the well for a long time. It also encouraged self-reliance mind of the community itself. At the ceremony, certificates of training completion were issued and the member was recognized

County public officers invited to the ceremony showed thanks to JEN and they asked the committee members for contribution to the community. What is more, people related to Educational section were impressed that the bush was no longer dirtied by children’s excretion. We recognized the custom of the people changed to better way on that day.
(Programme officer  Haile)

(This project was completed in the end of April supported by JPF and other supporters. JEN started new project as we reported on May 12th. )

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