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Water We Protect – Voices from Well Maintenance Training Participants -

 A training for “sustainable wells management” was held in Central Equatoria State Lainya County in South Sudan for 5days from June 13th to 17th.


From 2007, JEN carried out well digging project for obtaining safe water in South Sudan at schools where many people use. At the same time, JEN trained engineers who manage and maintenance the wells when those broke down by each school community. In this project, those engineers in some communities in the county work together and a network in which prompt response for repairing request from community and government was possible planed to build.


10 government officers from the county and Bayam  area and nine JEN staff participated in that training and learnt the method of spreading maintenance and repairing method to people. The government officers and JEN staff who received the training would be facilitators to develop the engineer network of obtaining safe water in each place.


Poni Silvia  who participated in the training said “I could learn methods of problem solving by using resource in the community in case of problem occurs. When problem occurs in the future, I would like to encourage solving it by our self.”


 Government officer Moro Wilson  commented “I could learn how to solve the issue of well maintenance with local community. By proper maintenance of the wells, we would like to use the wells 10 or 15 years.”


JEN staff is now building co-operate relation with local community with not relying on supports but keeping mind of self-reliance, in which community maintain and manage the wells by themselves.

(Project Officer: Elizabeth)

(This project was supported by JPF, Chabo and other supporters!)

June 23, 2011 in South Sudan |