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To grow the local community

n Haiti, the basic infrastructure such as drinking water, electricity, education and medical treatment, is not provided enough.
The local government encouraged villages to set up the water control committee to revitalize the local community.


In Haiti, international organizations or local organizations have been working to secure the access to the safe water.
But there are not many that lasted long.
According to one international research group, only half of wells that were built long time ago can be in use despite of damage of the earthquake.


Establishing the water control committee is the first step to making it possible for the local residents to maintain the access to drinking water by themselves.
Members of the committee will be elected from the community. The committee will discuss issues with the people in the community and solve them together.
Then, they will establish the system to collect water bill. So that they can sustainably maintain the water facility.


JEN will dedicate ourselves as a solid support in the background to supporting the local residents to get on their feet. Then they can maintain the resource sustainably.

June 23, 2011 in Haiti |