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This is how school is being constructed


This is how the workers are constructing the stone construction of the wall around the water tank at Hajan Middle School in Saran district. They are mixing mortal to coat it on the stone.


Next, the expert workers are laying the brick up to 1.4 meters as in the design.


Here, at Hajan Middle School, this is how the toilet which is one of the hygiene facilities is being constructed. It is made of stone and aligning the wall height equivalent.


JEN’s engineer, Ajumar Paktiwal; He is testing the ready mixed concrete slump. He has confirmed that this concrete is optimal for this construction.


The ready mixed concrete is for Engineer Mummad Shaheed Middle School to add new classrooms. The workers are working on the compaction work of the concrete. They are vibrating the concrete to remove air bubbles, which gives certain strength.


This is the task of curing concrete. After this process, the strength of concrete, durability and shape is retained. JEN is conducting this kind of construction daily so that the children of Afghanistan can spend a safe and confortable school environment.

June 30, 2011 in Afghanistan |