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The Bananas

The remote office of Afghanistan project of JEN’s Islamabad office has moved to a new office. Surprising, there were bananas in the garden.


Intensively, hot days around 40 degrees continued and we recognized that the bananas in the garden were large. It was time for harvest.


Uncle Yakub, the driver for JEN, was always aware of this banana and it was just the right time to cut it off.


Uncle Yakub was very satisfied with his big harvest.

Immediately, we tasted the banana!
(Incidentally, what is behind the staff is that he began a small gardening to grow tomatoes, okuras, cucumbers etc. without herbicides. He looks forward for this harvest as well. )


It was still bitter but it was very delicious!


From the left: Ushikubo Kamata (general and treasure affairs) Shinya Kamata (program officer)  Azumat Ali Shar(Office director) Araki Naoko (Program officer & photographer)

June 16, 2011 in Afghanistan |