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Message from Iraq to Japan

Few days ago, we visited some schools in Iraq to distribute the sanitation kits.
Teachers and students welcome us with banners saying ‘We love Japan, and We share your sorrow’ ‘We support you, as you always support us’ ‘Help our Japanese friend’.


Here are some voices from schools in Iraq.
・ Amany Akram (fourth grade)
  I like people in Japan. They support our school. I’m really sad to hear the news of earthquake in Japan.

・Salwa Ma’an (fourth grade)
  Japanese are very good people. I like them very much.

・ Bashar Abdul-Rahman (sixth grade)
  I saw the news and wanted to do something for Japan. So I made a donation with my friends. I know that our contribution is not enough, however our mind exist with people in Japan.

・Ms. Suha Khalid (teacher)
  When the natural disasters happened in other countries, I could see them calmly.
But this time, I am so shocked when I heard the news of Japan. Japan is a peaceful country and has been doing technical support and humanitarian aid to many other countries. The action of JEN is one of those things, I think.


We were so encouraged on our way back from schools and we thought that we need to keep doing our best for supporting people in Iraq.
In the near future, we hope that the news of revival of Japan will reach Iraqi who were cheering us, people in Japan, with banners today.

June 16, 2011 in Iraq |