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Health education with fun

I went to see how it works the health education at Leogan city.Today we will show a short movie about health education for the kids at Petit Mignon kinder garden. We already give some training for the teachers and the children’s knowledge of health might be increased.

In a divided small class room, we can hear the neighbor sounds because while it has roof but no partition of upper of the wall. The walls are only for three ways and there are no walls as an approach. We covered the blue sheet there to easily viewable the movie.

The local JEN’s staff asked the children after they sheeted.
Staff: By what do you wash your hands?
Children: By the soap!
Staff: How do you wash? Could you please show me your way?
Children raise their hands and show the staff how to they wash their hands.

Then the staff asked the children to sing a song of the wash hands.
Everyone loudly sing a song using a gesture and it is Haitian style that being a little faster than previous. Children remember the song very well.

Then the staff announced children that they will show the movie about health now.
And the important point to see the movie is…
Staff: What should you open?
Children: Ears!  Eyes!  Heads!
Staff : Well, it is a little bit difficult to open your heads…with a bitter laugh.
All had laughed to hear that and the movie has been started.

This movie is about 30 minutes and it composed of the image and the cartoon film. It has the narration in Creole, which is major language in Haiti.
Everyone stare intently the movie with stars in their eyes.

Cholera had started to prevail in Haiti since the last October. Although once it decreased the number of infection reports, but the tendency has been increase along with the starting of hurricane season.
After the children backed their home, they talk to their parents, brothers and sisters about the knowledge what they leant here. We will continue this work cooperating with the supporters, JICA and Yachiyo Engineering for all of the families to have healthy lives in Haiti.

June 9, 2011 in Haiti |