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Unprecedented natural disaster- by Keiko Kiyama

"Unprecedented natural disaster"-what does that mean? - by Keiko Kiyama (Board/Secretary General)

It is often said that this is the triple suffering with Eastern Japan massive earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear reactor accident.

"Unprecedented" can be meant by truly resulted with this triple suffering.

NGO staff, business people, scholars, government officials, politicians, and media people, adults and children..., let's do something which we never have done before.

2 months has past after the earthquake.  With the victims, all the supporters have been working so hard, and everybody is quite exhausted. However, nobody is taking a rest at all.

The reason is...just because this was a "unprecedented" natural disaster.
Everyone has been working hard up to his/her limit. 

It is not lack of the effort, but the size was too big to cope with in a short time.
The victim's environment ( QOL) at the sight is extremely hard.  But this is the real fact. 
That's why we have to keep working as much as we can, although it takes for a long time.
If you are considering any support, it will be never too late; if you are hesitating to take an action, it will be truly "too late".

Even it got a little late, important thing is "starting right now".

Let's start moving with "emergency act" in your heart.  Your act will be excessing your moral.
We have been expecting the declaration of "emergency act" by Japanese government for last 2 months. But we can not wait any longer.

Let's take an action which might excess your own moral, considering always for the best of the victims.
Our action; what you can do at where you are will change the victims' situation.

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