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The school’s circumstances in Haiti, 2011

About 80% buildings had collapsed including city hall, churches and schools in Leogan area which had been the worst affected by the earth quake on 12th January, 2010.

More than 90% are private schools in Haiti, and a land ownership issue is one of the biggest problems.
(More than 90% of the country has been reserved by 10% of population at large.)

Right after the earth quae, a lot of big international NGOs have built the makeshift schools at the empty lots of collapsed schools to the children would be able to come back to the school as soon as possible and graduate as scheduled.

In the makeshift school is separated by many wooden wall which out of range of a ceiling.

It is natural that the school hasn’t electric in Haiti and the class rooms are always student more than limited sheets. (Surprisingly, sometimes 200 children are in the room smaller than 30㎡!)

Student hardly hear what the teacher talking who are sheeting apart 2~3 m from.

Sad to say, such situation has been hardly changed, but teachers and students make effort as much as possible however the luck of educational tools, facilities, bathrooms and dinning rooms.

There are a lot of problems to build the formal school because we should have many government agencies to deal with the matter to use the authorities for official land and public sanitation.

At the same instance, we have to train good quality teachers and also think over education program.

Children are hardly assisted to lean by their family because more than 60% of population can’t read, write nor speak French, as their official language.

Their educational tools are limited to the bible and old French textbook, so there is luck of attractive subjects for kids.

Finally, it is necessity that the special approach about human material things because the teacher is lowest income groups in Haiti. Haitian children need to take education for many years when we think about the endless problems.

Now JEN settle the public plumbing for drinking with Yachiyo Engineering and provides health education for the teachers at 13 schools in the central place in Logan.

We wish the way for better future will be opened for Haiti.

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